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Legible helps venture capitalists and startup founders implement industry-standard best practices by providing access to proven systems and coaching.

Venture Capital Investors
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Legible Library Membership

Exclusive members-only space to access all of Legible’s proven systems and processes for venture fund management.

Strategy Session

A 90-minute virtual 1-on-1 session for tackling a single question, project, or grand challenge you're facing as a Venture Capital Investor. Get clarity and an actionable plan.

Individual Coaching

Solution oriented, outcome based, 1-on-1 virtual advising for Venture Capital Investors to access expertise, enhance their skill set, receive objective feedback, and have increased accountability.

Startup Founders
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Proven Playbooks + Guides

The Founder's Playbook to Identify, Source, and Evaluate Your Ideal Investor: A five-step proven process to help you identify, source, and evaluate your ideal investor. You'll learn how to conduct due diligence on investors the way they conduct due diligence on you and your startup.

The Founder’s Guide to Cold vs. Warm Investor Outreach: Learn how to conduct warm vs. cold outreach to investors in a thoughtful manner that converts. Plus, email templates!

👋 Hey! I'm Candice Rezvanian

Before consulting and coaching, I was a full-time venture capitalist for ten years. During that time, I had the privilege of being part of multiple successful exits.

I’ve evaluated more than 20,000 startups, raised more than $100M in institutional LP capital, and oversaw an investment pipeline of 10,000 companies while managing 20 associates.

Prior to VC, I took the entrepreneurial route as an operator of four agribusinesses and worked at a venture backed startup that was acquired.

Now, as Founder of, I'm incredibly fortunate to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I've gathered over the years with other venture capitalists and startup founders.

Photograph of Legible founder, Candice Rezvanian, who has long auburn hair, wearing a blue dress, and multi-color earrings.

Sound Familiar?

“I have an investment process, but it mostly lives in my mind. I don’t know where opportunities are in the investment process, and I'm missing out on deals. I’m thinking of switching to a different deal flow management software.”
“I want to hire an intern to help with deal flow and due diligence, but I don’t have time to develop an internship program to set them up for success and generate the results our fund requires.”
“I’m preparing to fundraise for my startup, but I want to understand a venture capitalist's expectations of me, especially in the due diligence process, and what I can expect from the VC.”

If so, let's talk.


"No doubt about it, Candice is solid - she is equally effective, whether adeptly supporting an effort in the background or front and center commanding and controlling a room. It is easy to pick up on her sincere feeling of ownership and observe as it reassures a team. These attributes were indispensable to our firm as she helped us build and implement our improved investment operations. She has a healthy and refreshing #NoFilter when necessary - if you're a fan of cutting through the bull. With Candice, not only does the train run on time, but it's going to a valuable and compelling destination." 
- Kelby Price, Managing Partner, Keyhorse Capital
"Candice was instrumental in helping our team streamline the deal flow processes across our existing tech stack. We were under-utilizing the capabilities of technologies like Airtable. She advised us on using the tools at our disposal to save our team our most precious resource -- time -- enabling us to focus more on our core diligence work. Her experience architecting processes and leveraging data to evolve is clear, and we're happy to learn from her leadership. Supply Change highly recommends working with Candice; she will be an accelerator to any team that she engages with." 
- Supply Change Capital
“Legible's deal flow management, due diligence materials, and coaching were the perfect next step for my continued education and career path. I have taken multiple courses in venture capital, impact investing, and fund development, but Legible's materials filled every gap my other courses did not cover. The best practices and tactics learned were worth the time and money and will undoubtedly put me ahead of many of my peers.”
- Mike DiCenso, VC Investor
“Candice's due diligence and deal flow management materials are unmatched! The material is intentional and thorough, covering the breadth and depth of each area appropriately. During group office hours, Candice is an amazing facilitator, taking the time to address everyone's questions and putting in time outside the sessions to be helpful. As an associate at an emerging fund, I found the course especially helpful in giving me actionable steps and proven methods to bring to our team to improve our processes.”
- Marigrace Ragsdale, VC Investor